Sister "C" . . .

When I came to BRSM there were some areas in my life I knew I wanted God to take care of. I didn’t know how or when, but I was determined God was going to change these areas in my life. God led me to seek deliverance from the Personal Ministry Team at BRSM. It was a very difficult time for me. The Lord started uprooting things from my past, including molestation as a child, and perversion growing up as well as the fear, anger, and hatred of men that were results of these past hurts and abuses. When I was finished, I was “So Free!” The Lord broke the strongholds off my mind. My mind was completely renewed! Even people back home say, I’m a different person than when I left to go to school. Being in the midst of revival fire, God has turned up the heat in my life. He has burned away the dross and set me free. I can now be the woman of God he has called me to be.

Sister "M" . . .

When I was around the age of seven, I was introduced to masturbation. As a kid who was a “goody-too-shoes” so to speak, I had no idea really what that was. Well, that opened a door in my life for the devil to really mess with my mind. Not only did I struggle with my thought life, but fear also had a major hold in my mind. During the day I would be fine, nothing ever bothered me at all. But as soon as I shut my eyes to sleep, either sexual thoughts, or fear would come into my mind. It was so bad that I couldn’t sleep, and during the night I would feel pressure on my chest and heart and almost couldn’t breathe and a voice would tell me I was going to die. I didn’t’ tell anyone about my struggles because I felt ashamed and dirty and very guilty for my “secret sin”. I kept all my emotions, questions, situations and guilt bottled up inside of me. I was afraid that if anyone found out who I really was inside, they would not like me. When I came to Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, I heard about deliverance. I knew I needed to be set free, and healed. When I went through deliverance I would get uncomfortable and want to leave, but I stayed, and Jesus set me free from fear, control, and perversion! Since my deliverance, I have again been attacked in my thoughts, but I now know who I am in Christ. The devil doesn’t’ want Christians to know who they are in Christ because when we realize the power of Jesus Christ, we realize that same power is in us. His strength is in us. Jesus set me free! SO FREE! And taught me how to fight and say no! Praise the Lord for the freedom he has given me and the peaceful sleep he has blessed me with.

Sister "P" . . .

I went through deliverance, because I was very angry and frustrated in my marriage and all other relationships. I couldn’t control my anger and I was very depressed and I didn’t know why. I was a very angry mom and sometimes abusive. I was out of control.
It’s not that I didn’t try to get help, I did. But nobody knew what to do. I believe that there would be a lot of marriages saved through a ministry like this, and there wouldn’t be so many casualties in the body of Christ.
The first thing Bill had me do was to write letters to everybody that hurt me, past and present. In the letter I confronted them with the truth and then forgave them. The Lord helped me remember everybody I needed to forgive. Before deliverance I was plagued with real bad memories every day. It’s like they haunted me, memories from a real bad childhood of rape and incest, etc. Since deliverance those memories have no effect, or power over me. I don’t even think of those things any more. And the people that hurt me, when I talk to them I don’t feel the pain from what they did. I really forgave them.
When we dealt with the spirit of anger, I got very angry in the session. I punched pillows and almost knocked Bill over in his chair. I got it out and was delivered. I am so Free!!! That’s not just a cliché. My husband noticed my eyes were lighter brown; they were not so dark any more. When Bill saw me next he noticed the same thing. The evidence was in my actions. My relationships with my family changed so much, I didn’t know it could be so good.
Before deliverance I was having real bad dizzy spells, the dizzy spells would make me so sick and sometimes I would have one while driving and almost wreck. In one of the deliverance sessions I had one after the other. I almost threw up it was so bad. I was delivered of something that day and have never had one since.
I was afraid I would go back to my old ways, but I didn’t. It’s a daily process of walking it out. It’s very exciting because I’m functioning as a normal child of God through His strength. I can love my family now, and my God. I can also minister to other people now. The team spoke the truth to me, I received it, and the truth set me free. I think a better name of this ministry is “SO FREE”, because I am, so free.

Sister "P's Ten-Year Old Daughter"...

Before my family was saved, my mom was always mad, weird and emotional. But when we came to Pensacole and my mom took deliverance with Bill Sudduth I could see a great change in her. She is always smiling, singing, buying things for me. And not only did she change, but the whole family changed! Now we have family time a lot, we go to church almost every day and we got rid of our TV. I have seen a great change in her life and I’m proud of her. And I thank Bill for helping my mom get to where she is!

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